Vacuum Bags

The Red Spoon Co Team   >  24 March 2017

Which Bag is Which?

We get many questions regarding vacuum bags and their correct use. With so many different brands of vacuum sealers out there and the growth in popularity of sous vide cooking adding to the confusion, who can blame you for being a bit confused? 

The first thing you need to figure out is what type of vacuum machine you have. There are two main types available on the market:

  • Chamberless where the bag sits on the outside of the vacuum unit, such as the 150 and 200 series units.
  • Chamber units where the bag sits inside a chamber, such as the 300 and Evox series.

Chamberless units use only channel bags as they require two channels running down either side of the bag to be able to vacuum the air out. Chamber units use a regular or high-temperature cooking bags as no channels are required inside the chamber. 

While a chamber unit will take all three types of bags, chamberless units can not vacuum anything inside a regular bag!

Happy cooking...